Fire Remediation project in Leeds city centre

Integral Management are delighted to confirm that they have been engaged to deliver the project management services for a fire remediation project in Leeds. 

Built in 2017, X1 Aire consists of 3 linked buildings rising to over 40m, which have been previously investigated by the building owner and deemed to have potential hazardous flammable materials in the wall cavities. 

The first stage of our project management responsibilities is the completion of a detailed PCSA stage which is programmed to be completed in April 2024. This will involve working directly with the Principal Contractor to deliver a construction phase programme, product selection complete with construction issue drawing and product data, access strategy, and detailed cost analysis.

The existing façade consists of over 3500 m sq. brickwork, timber cladding with HPL and aluminium panels to the projecting balcony areas. We have already commenced an intrusive survey of the brickwork and timber areas to allow the design team to understand the actual construction of the building and what fire remediation work is required to ensure the building can be made fully compliant. We are also responsible for producing detailed survey reports which will be shared with the client.

We will share more photos as the investigation work progresses.

Assembly C Project 

Unitised frames will be completed in the next few weeks, the circular window frames to the front elevation are glazed and complete. The ground floor curtain walling and rain screen plus rain screen elements to Level 12 and 13 roof are all now underway. Completion of the project is now not far off.

Assembly Project Bristol progress update

The project has moved on well. Unitised frames are now installed up to Level 9 to the east and west elevations, the circular window frames to the front elevation are glazed and complete. The ground floor curtain walling, and ground floor and roof level rain screen will soon commence installation on site. Completion of the project is now not far off.

Integral asked to set up Assembly Bristol project

Integral Management are delighted to have been asked by a previous client to manage the pre-site set up element for a new façade package in Bristol. Building C is one of three buildings in the new regeneration Assembly area, being delivered by Galliford Try Construction, with an overall value of £140m.

AHMM Architects of Bristol have chosen a bright colour scheme to highlight the external façade of these three buildings. See link at

The main façade consists of 750 unitised frames which wrap the four sides of the building. The unitised frames are powder coated with double laminated sealed units, which include low iron and SNX60 HT solar coatings with Argon filled cavity. Some of the powder coated finishes have a fine texture to match the finish on the feature precast concrete panels to the north, main street elevation. Starting on Level 1 the frames extend to level 11, the roof level, and include a 6.5m over sail frame at the top of the building.

To complete the Architectural design the frames include a lower feature panel manufactured from an extruded interlocking vertical ribbed feature extrusion. To create the desired vertical effect on the building an undulating punched aluminium panel and feature fins has been designed for the vertical column frames. The building is naturally ventilated with inward opening vents which are included in each unitised frame.

Unitised frames will be off loaded and stored on the floor slab and lifted into place with a floor mounted mini crane on the upper floors.

There is also an extensive area of ground floor stick which includes two sets of automatic swing doors and semi-automatic stainless steel revolving door to the ground floor main entrances, complete with powder coated aluminium soffit panels.

Like many complete façade packages in today’s market, our client has also been engaged to provide ground floor panelised and louvre rain screen elements. This design extends to the roof level plant room screens which are encased with glazed stick curtain walling and rain screen elements. There is also a hybrid unitised frame with a feature box mullion section which will be craned into place at roof level.

Site installation commenced in April 2022. We will update the news page as site activity progresses.

Walkabout London further completion of front elevation

The front elevation main feature entrance screen and adjacent café and restaurant entrance screen and glazed roof are now completed.

The rear elevation balcony screens and glass balustrades are also completed. The Aparthotel will very soon be completed and occupied.



Oxford University Biochemistry Phase 2 – Challenging times through the Coronavirus pandemic

Congratulations to Laing O`Rourke`s site management team for the way they have kept everyone safe which has allowed the project to progress safely during the COVID19 pandemic.

There have been challenging delays with the procurement of materials, we experienced some suppliers closing their doors for a number of weeks, stopping deliveries to site altogether. The installation teams work force has had to be reduced to ensure safe social distancing can be achieved whilst still performing their duties in a safe way. With all this happening the project is still progressing well.

Integral have been monitoring the material delivery to site from both European and UK suppliers, very closely, which has proved challenging over the past 10 weeks. This has meant constant contact with suppliers and review of the site programme when delivery dates where finally agreed.

The project is planned to be completed mid July which is not far from the original contract date. Considering additional work and delivery issues we believe this is a testament to what can be achieved when Main Contractors, Sub Contractors, and suppliers all work together to deliver a project.

Nearly there ……

Walkabout London nears completion

The perimeter scaffolding to the four sides of the building have now been removed revealing the full extent of the façade. The horizontal bands of silicone sealed frameless curtain walling to the side elevations complement the traditional brickwork. The inclined rear elevation has a series of terraces with perimeter glass balustrades and coping pressings. They offer magnificent views across London’s roof tops.

The vertical and roof curtain walling to the front elevation café and the art deco replica main entrance curtain walling screen are now underway. Completion is not far away.


Walkabout News – More Scaffolding Removed

More scaffolding has been removed to the front on Shepherds Bush Green, and side return elevations. Revealing the practically completed neo classic design of the curtain walling façade. Remaining to be installed are the door sets around the the building, and ground floor entrance screens, roof glazing to the café and restaurant. Completion due July 21.

Walkabout News – Glimpses of the Façade

Part of the north elevation scaffolding has now been removed revealing a corner of the building. This reveals the 6 levels of ribbon curtain waling, the head feature fin profile and ventilation grills above.

Finishing work to the remaining of the north and south elevation is ongoing, the scaffolding to both these elevations will soon be removed which will revealing 70 % of the external facade.


Walkabout News – Integral successfully manage site challenges

We have now been working on this project for 4 months

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, and other site challenges we have been able to successfully manage the installation programme, to date 75 % of the project is now installed and glazed

The bespoke feature fin and ventilation grill profile to the head of the north and south curtain walling frames is due on site at the end of February, which will complete the frames to these elevations

The 6 story curtain walling screen to the front elevation is now also installed and will shortly be glazed with the assistance of an Oscar 280 glazing robot

The ground floor east elevation has a number of areas where both vertical and sloped curtain walling will be installed, including the curved head feature main entrance screen along with vertical and roof glazing to the new Café entrance. Due to the availability of the structure these elements are not planned to be installed until May 21

The completed façade will not be visible until the sheeted scaffolding is removed in the next few months