Colourful Solution to New School Development

When my client awarded us the Management responsibility for Pleckgate School in Blackburn, they had already recognised that the complexity of the contract and the nature of the materials being used required close control throughout the life of the contract.

My client’s brief was to ensure all elements were controlled carefully from design, procurement and delivery of materials, to site installation, and ensuring the profit margin was protected at all times

This brief made it necessary for us to review and agree the initial contract programme with Balfour Beatty Educational Division at the outset of the contract. We then formulated a detailed programme which we discussed and agreed with all departments. Our first step was to keep a close eye on the design procedure to ensure design details and final drawing issue was achieved in line with the programme dates. We also had practical design input so that all on site activities e.g. fixing, lifting etc. were taken into consideration at the design stage. Due to the scale of the site it was necessary to carefully schedule deliveries so that materials were manufactured and packed in the correct sequence to ensure maximum site efficiency. Due to the complexity of the materials, and lengthy lead times, regular updates were required from suppliers to confirm their production was on schedule. In some cases supplier visits were required to ensure delivery deadlines could be achieved to ensure the on-site programme could be executed as initially agreed. Where a change in the site programme was unavoidable, we kept in close communication with the Main Contractor to ensure he could accommodate these changes with as little disruption as possible to his overall project programme.

Our careful control of design, material delivery and the overall programme sequence, ensured the site installation programme was concluded with a week to spare. Site installation had its own challenges but with thoughtful communication with our specialist Access Company and Installation Teams a safe and speedy installation method was agreed.

The end result is a very visually appealing and practical solution, completed within programme and on budget

If you have a similar challenging project and would like to discuss how we can assist you please contact Nigel Trasler on 07595 090 070, we look forward to being of help to your company.

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