Multi Level Project Management

Orchestrating the successful and profitable delivery of any project is an art, one which  over the years, we have refined to offer you a professional approach at all times. We aim to add value by recommending “Better Solutions” to improve the quality and profitability of a project.

  • Site Surveys – We can undertake basic on-site surveys for estimating or construction purposes. We can also provide a full topographical survey presented in a CAD format
  • Pre-let Meetings – This is often the first activity in the service we provide to our clients. Matters agreed and minuted by your client at this meeting can have a big impact on how the project is ran and how profitable it ultimately can be. We are happy to attend pre-let meetings and negotiate on your behalf
  • Procurement Selection and Negotiation – Our clients often have their own preferred suppliers, or we can recommend quality suppliers we have worked with in the past. We are able to assist you with negotiating technical details, cost and manufacturing periods or delivery dates on your behalf
  • Project Logistics – We will discuss requirements with your suppliers, transport providers and site. Good upfront planning of the loading and delivery method / timing of goods to site can make the installation process very much more efficient and save you money and time in the long run
  • Project Control – This is the overall exercise we pride ourselves on. Taking all the elements above and rolling them into one professionally managed efficient and economical on-site management operation
  • Site Snagging and Project Handover – Often the most challenging part of any project. We will review remedial works with both yourselves and your client and agree the best and most economical method to resolve both simple and more complicated site installation issues