We have worked in the External Facade Curtain Walling industry for nearly 30 years, gaining extensive industrial, commercial and business management experience. We have significant knowledge in a number of aspects of the industry which we can offer to your organisation. These include:

  • Multi Level Project Management –We can assist our clients with site surveys, pre-let meetings, procurement selection and negotiation, project logistics, on-going in-depth project control, site snagging and project handover.
  • Estimating and Sales – We can help with tender document analysis, quantification, bills of quantities, sourcing suppliers, correlating costs, negotiating and securing of orders.
  • Commercial Management – We support our clients with QS disciplines, final account resolution etc.

As a freelance business, you can engage our services on a project by project or day by day basis. We are different because we have a passion for our industry, we care about your reputation and will assist you in offering a quality end product to your client. Whether you have a problematic project or need assistance with a project from concept to completion we can help you. Our network of suppliers and specialist Sub Contractors can also assist you. We act as your business partner taking on board the values and practices already established within your business and adding our expertise to them. We understand how to manage an assignment within timeframes and budgets. We are results-driven and motivated to achieve your objectives. We operate a practical approach to help you solve the needs of your business as and when they occur.

Our services will add the necessary missing element in your management team.